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THE SECOND EVENT - „Solidarity: Focus on the local perspective”

Fatttoria  Pugliese  Diffusa  Associazione  Culturale  is  a  partner  in  a  new  Europen  initiative  „Local solidarity = global solidarity” Network which in short is called: SOLID. The project is co-financed by the Europe for Citizens programme, and it aims to empower actors to get more socialy engaged for the sake of European solidarity and cooperation. The SOLID Network consists of 13 towns, regions and civil society organizations from all over the EU, FYROM and Serbia. The aim of the project is to implement new  political  tools  that  enable  local  communities  to  have  an  impact  on  the  global  and  European solidarity  in  time  of  institutional  and  humanitarian  crisis  that  different  EU  countries  are  currently facing.

From 22nd  to 25th  of October 2018 the project partner Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa Associazione Culturale  is  hosting  in  Lecce  the  second  SOLID  international  event  which  will  bring  together  towns, regions and civil society groups from 12 countries that already belong to the Network, as well as local citizens. The local guests are welcome to join SOLID partners during the two days of their Event and they  can  choose  from  watching  a  movie  show  „Lampedusa  in  Winter”  that  will  be  screened  on October  22nd ,  interacting  with  experts  on  local  and  European  solidarity  during  the  plenary  session (October  23rd,  9:30-12:30)  and  attending  at  the  street  debate  which  will  take  place  in  Piazza th Sant’Oronzo, Lecce (October 24th, 14:30-17:00).

For more information please visit:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2386456094704167/   


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